A Different Type Of Fast Home Sale For Any Situation

Published: 18th June 2015
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Although it is a position you never want to be in as a seller, there may be a time when you have to sell your home quickly. Nowadays there are hundreds of reasons that may cause a seller the intense pressure of having to sell a home. In many cases you may not have the luxury of time on your side and a fast house sale is your only option. It may be voluntary or it may due to circumstances beyond your control. Let's take a look at some of the top reasons that sellers need to sell, and in some cases sell quickly.


Everyone knows that the foreclosure rate is alarming high right now in the USA. The threat of foreclosure has been the number one reason that this has been one of the top reasons that people sell for the last five years. The person trying to sell the house will usually have some time before the bank sells the home but it isn't much. People can either sell the traditional way, through a short sale, or they can try and find an investor to buy it. A lot of people put this on the back burner just hoping it will go away which limits their options when they finally do turn and face the problem.

2. A Death In The Immediate Family

Many times when a death occurs in the family it cases the property to have to be sold quickly. If the home owner left the home to a decedent or an heir and the home is more of a burden than it's worth, selling quickly is the best option. The person inheriting the property may not be able to afford the mortgage payments; the property taxes, maintenance and repairs, or they simply would rather sell the home for cash. In this case many sellers do sell to an investor because it makes the process quicker and easier because of the quick closing and the ability to sell before having to the next payment is due.

3. You Are Relocating

A better job offer seems like a time to celebrate, but if it causes you and your family to have to relocate, the celebration may have to wait until your home is sold. No one wants to start over in a new place with the burden of still trying to sell a home in another state. If no one is available to say behind and take care of these logistics, selling your home quickly is the only option.

4. Getting A Divorce

Divorce is sadly a very common problem in this country and many divorces also concern what to do with the house that you once shared. Both people involved just want the home to be sold so they do not have to think about the once happy home that they once shared. A fast home sale is usually the best option in this case and what you would want to pursue.

5. Catastrophic Damage To The Home

Damage from storms, fires, pests, mold and other issues can cause the need to sell a house. These issues which require a significant amount of money to be repaired often cause sellers to look for the first opportunity to get the home off their hands, instead of putting more money into it. Many sellers know it is hard to sell homes in need of extensive repair because of extreme damage to conventional buyers, so usually selling to an investor is the only option available.

As we have already talked about there are a lot of other things that can happen but these are the major categories for anyone that is trying to sell their home quickly. If you find yourself in the situation that you have to sell your home fast make sure you think about all of the other options before you panic. You can always find someone that is happy to buy your property no matter what condition it is in.


Competition is the hardest obstical to overcome when trying to sell a house. There are many ways to sell a house that you don't need to limit yourself to one type of home sale. You could get cash for houses and sell fast. Find out how!

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