Battles I Faced as a Seller

Published: 08th April 2015
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If you are going through the process of selling your home as I recently did I understand what you are going through. I faced many of the same fights when I was trying to sell my home. It was highly time-consuming and emotional process from start to finish. At times you have caught yourself thinking if anyone will ever buy my house? I thought that every time someone scheduled a showing but never showed up. In this article I will share some of the challenges that I met when I was selling my home and show you how to avoid them when you are trying to sell your house so you can get the highest price while at the same time managing to keep your sanity in place.

Battle #1 Your Emotional Involvement In The Process

I loved my home so much and the only reason I was selling was because I had to relocate. If you asked my opinion, I would have told you that my home was in pristine condition and no one would be able to turn it down. Much to my surprise many buyers did not agree, and it upset me deeply. Everyone didn't see my home as a gem like I did, and they showed through the offers they made. I had to realize that the memories and feelings I created in this home were not for sale, and I couldn't expect to add those things into the purchase price. Once I was able to look at the sale as purely a financial transaction and distance my emotions and memories from the deal, I was able to see what buyers saw and I realized that my home was not perfect. I thought it would be easy to sell my house, but it was in need of some minor things to make it more appealing to buyers.

Battle # 2 Not Properly Preparing

Tying into the first battle, my emotions clouded my judgment when it came to properly preparing my home to sell. I thought the condition was all that mattered, but most of the feedback I received from buyers was that I did not stage my home in a way that made it stand out. Although my home looked nice to my standards, I can see how a traditional buyer can expect a home that has been professionally cleaned, painted, and de-cluttered. By neglecting these small things that buyers look for, I was throwing money down the train and missing out on potentially good offers from interested buyers willing to take a second look.

Battle #3 Higher Expectations

If you have a smart buyer with a good agent they will negotiate the home sale to the best of their abilities. Not knowing this also kept me from selling the house as quickly as I could have. If I wanted to compete with the other sellers on the market I had to realize that I would probably not receive my asking price. I did not even want to look at an offer that someone did not offer me my asking price even if they were willing to buy it that day and for all cash. To make potential buyers look at my house as a deal I had to change my listing price to something that would both attract visitors as well as give me room for negotiating that I needed.

As someone that recently sold a home I know these battles can drain you both emotional and physically but do not fall into the trap of thinking that the market is the only reason your house is not selling. If you are having difficulty selling your house it may well be due to one of the reasons listed above. Sometimes the home will sit on the market longer then we would like because of our own personal, and mostly unrealistic, expectations and our unwillingness to even consider an offer from an investor or a company that buys houses. In the end I found an investor that wanted to buy my house but I first made these costly, and time consuming mistakes. You can find a buyer that will buy your home quickly you just have to make an effort and learn from mistakes that people like me have made.


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