Did You Know These Three Things Can Help You Sell Your Home Quickly

Published: 17th June 2015
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Due to the economic climate we are living in, selling a home has become more and more popular. The housing market is finally starting to see some daylight at the end of the tunnel and the homeowners that hung on during the down market are starting to see some hope at the end of a long journey. If you're at the point in time where you think you should sell a house, you should sit down and list out the pros and cons of selling the home. When you have a longer list of pros then cons you should take a serious look at selling.

Depending on how good the homeowner is at filing out and retaining paperwork will determine if they have all of the needed paperwork or if they will have to go out and get them. The most important thing is the deed to the property. It does not need to be the original deed most of the time. Contacting the local department that handles deeds and getting a certified copy will work in most situations.

If the property has no liens on it presently you will have to show proof that you own the house free and clear. If there is a lien, or liens, on the property all lien holders have to be represented at the time the house sells. This information is usually part of the general disclosure but it is required when you try to record the deed for the new owners at the time the house is sold. If you fail to list all of the lien holders you can open yourself up to a lawsuit. The current homeowner needs to calculate all of the different liens and encumbrances to figure out a sale price, and then hopefully still be able to add something for even a slight profit. If you are the one buying the house it is wise to preform a formal title search in order to ensure that there are no historical problems that might come up after the house is sold.

You will also need to show the amount of taxes that has been paid on the property listed out by yearly amount when the house is finally sold. Some other information that you need to have is proof of real estate insurance, homeowner's insurance, or any other type of coverage that might be required by the new mortgage company. Often people will put taxes and insurance into escrow so that it is take care of. A calculation of partial years taxes and insurance are discussed and agreed upon by both parties as part of the closing.

You are not required to show past year's electrical bills but it could help the process move along. This can also be important for the new owner to contact the utility company to continue service. Most of the time you can get all of your utility services from one organization. In some areas that might not be the case however. The electrical power could be handled by a co-op service, water by the local water district, and gas by another entity. If you would like natural gas but it is not available you might want to look into propane. Providing as much of the information as possible can help a potential buyer make their final choice on if they should buy the house or not.

Please keep this in mind that these individuals are not the only people who buy houses. Investors and other groups often buy property to convert into investment income. Investors especially will be likely to require all financial paperwork so they can review it before they actually buy your home. Having all of the information available and at the ready can help someone that is considering your property as their next investment.


The season can effect the sale of your home.  If you are needing to sell your home quickly you should never try and wait around for the right season though.  Knowing the right time to sell your house is important and if you would like to learn more please visit our blog.

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