Selling To A Local Buyer And The Hidden Benefits

Published: 26th June 2015
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In the grand scheme of things selling locally can sound like the best option. When trying to sell a house quickly, it is easy to assume local is best. After all, having a showing to a local buyer is easier to schedule. Mortgaging can often be better handled locally since the mortgage holder will likely know the buyer and seller. Someone who is moving across town will probably want to close faster than someone moving across the state or across the country.

So why might selling locally not be the best option. Here are a few reasons.

If there is a local economic downturn it will affect everyone close by.
If there is a neighborhood that has a 'non-deserved' bad reputation, locals will already have an opinion.
If there are many foreclosures of similar sized homes, locals can shop others easier than trying to make a deal.
Locals that are just testing the waters might not be the most serious of buyers.
Local buyers may expect a better deal based on the fact they are keeping the purchase money in the community.

This is just a few of the potential issues that you face if you decide to just focus on local buyers. When you are trying to have a fast house sale it is a good idea to not let any prospects slip through your fingers. As with almost anything research is your best friend in this fight. Today it is easier then ever to do online research to help make sure that you are working through all of the different options.

Once you have done all of your research you may still find that selling local is the best option. Lets take a look at some of the reasons for this.

If there is an economic downturn, locals with family in the area are more likely to tough out the hard times rather than leaving the area for greener pastures.
Even though they may know the bad areas of town better they may also know of plans to clean up certain areas or in some other way improve the neighborhood.
Sometimes locals are doing 'drive bys' in the area they HOPE to live in someday. If they see a home for sale, it might prompt them to check out their finances more closely to see if they could work out a deal for their dream neighborhood.
Because townships are trying to keep the money local there might be incentives to try and sell to someone local to keep the money in the community.

The most important lesson for this article is that an occurrence can be a plus or a minus depending upon other factors. While it may be tempting to jump out on the internet for everything, dealing with local people still has an appeal. Word of mouth carries a great deal of weight when people are buying and selling locally. Taken with a grain of salt, that one good or bad recommendation or warning might tip the scales one way or the other with all other things even. A wise buyer/seller always looks at all of the options before signing on the dotted line.

Don't think that just because you want to sell locally that you cannot deal with companies that buy homes. These companies often have representatives that work in many areas. They may have a local office or local representative that will be able to give you the cash you need and the local touch you desire.


It's not hard to find tips on how to sell a home in this market. The challenge is putting it into practice. If you could skip all the hassle and sell your house today, would you? Find out how!

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