What Kind Of House Are You Selling?

Published: 17th June 2015
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If a person's home is their castle, when they decide to sell they could wind up in the moat. Most people who have lived in a loved their home believe that extra value is what others will see in the home. Even if the current owners have added personal touches, many new buyers will just come along with paint, carpet, vinyl and wallpaper to make the home theirs. Many broken hearts have occurred waiting for the perfect buyer to buy the home and preserve the essence of the current owners. You have to have an open mind and separate yourself from your emotions in order to sell a property in this market. To avoid this heartache, simply set a plan to sell to an investor.

An investor you ask? Don't they just buy ugly homes, or homes that are on the verge of falling apart? The answer is no!

Investors often want the same thing you want. Investors are also looking for a home that is in good living condition that can be used for a rental property without having a lot of money reinvested up front. If the home has a quaint appeal, there are renters and possible rent to owners that are looking for that type of home. Sometimes investors are looking for a home with character they can resale when that perfect buyer does come along. Most investors can sit on a home easier than the average homeowner, especially if the current owner has to relocate.

Nice Homes

If your home is in great condition, don't rule out the option of selling to an investor. If your home has been on the market for a long time an investor can buy your home and make an offer sometimes even the same day. Since most investors sell or rent out the homes they purchase the fact that your home does not need to go through the major repairs many homes do before being sold, you may be able to negotiate a higher sales price because your home is in great condition. You are not missing out on anything by selling your home to an investor. In reality you are saving yourself the headache and demands of working with traditional buyers who may not think your home is in great condition even though you think it is. You can also have a quick property sale if time is a big factor.


Real estate investors are known for buying fixer-uppers or homes that need multiple repairs, have been trashed, or are in a generally bad condition. These homes are usually purchased by the investor, repaired, and then re-sold to a traditional buyer or rented out. Many investors have made a business out of brining properties back to life through repairs, and remodeling. This option is great for sellers who don't have the money or the time to make costly improvements just to sell a property. There is also no guarantee that making the repairs yourself will get your home sold to a traditional buyer.


Since the housing market has been so up and down the last few years, many people who would have been in a market to buy are being more cautious and waiting. This has created a good solid market to be selling to an investor. They may have multiple homes and apartment complex units and are willing to buy to add to their rental income stream. If a home is in poor condition, they may keep it as a lower priced rental, but that is not always the case depending upon the location.

Bottom line, investors are looking for homes. There are realty companies or other companies that help to put sellers in contact with investors. Regardless of the type of home, consider looking for an investor to buy your property.


I wasn't sure how to sell my house until I met the perfect real estate investor. They were able to help me sell my house without making repairs and spending more money. You can have the same success I did!

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